Friday, July 27, 2012

Ending for the great white man eating shark

Mrs Scorpio was shouting out shark! shark! its going to eat me right away! ahh!. Ha ha Norvin said to himself wickedly like a witch. After that fun time at Carmel Cove Norvin went home and then he had his dinner and went to bed. The next day he got up  went to the beach and did the same thing the next day, and you know what Norvin is going to do. So Norvin went and put his white man eating shark fin on and scared Mrs Scorpio again but, she saw Norvins fathead and Mrs Scorpio pounded Norvin right on his nose and he started yelling like a girl  but there was something not feeling right around them, ahh it was a great white man eating shark! How he wanted to eat Norvin but Norvin went shooting out the water like a silver bullet and Norvin didn't go swimming again for ever!.

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