Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coke Bottle experamint

Can you inflate a balloon inside a coke bottle? We did an experiment to find out.

I think that it will work because when there is a hoil (If there is) all the air will come out and the balloon will have enough air to move.

What to use
  • 2 liter Coke bottles
  • Balloon
  • scissors

Liam did a demo version of how it would work. We had a go at blowing up the coke bottle with no hole and it didn’t work. I got to have a turn and it was really hard and my cheeks turned red. When you have a hole the size of a pin you can blow it up and when you take it out the balloon should stay pumped up because when you put the hole in all the chemicals and the air will come out then there is enough room for it to blow up the balloon a quarter up. With the little one it is the exact same as the big one when you put the hole in. With the big one and it has no hole  it will shrink in lease then a second.

So when you do it make sure you have a hole in the bottle and the balloon is pumped up and you seal it.

Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Before you go out on the road stop! Check your bike incase something is wrong because you could get really hurt and you don’t want that to happen. The following paragraphs will be talking about clothing, safety rules, Road rules, how to check your bike and the conclusion. Also, are signs on the streets just for cars?

At night when you go biking you need a bright orange or yellow jacket because they are very bright and cars should be able to see you. Shoes are also very important because when you are riding along you could stub your toe but with shoes you wont. Helmets are very important because if you fall off and you pound your head on the ground you might seriously get brain damage.When you are turning a corner or roundabout yous your arms as indicators.If it is a really hot day take some sunblock! because you might get burnt.

When you go out on your bike, make sure you know all the rules because if you break them you are in a lot of trouble. If you are biking and the Police see you with no helmet they will take your bike off you and they will give you a ticket.  All rules are just as important.

Every time you bike on the road you always stay on the left side of the road because that is very illegal and people will be thinking what are you doing. They will also suspend your bike and if the police call you up the might take a pitcher  so if you get caught again something will happen. When you are zooming on the footpath go slow past gates because a car might hit you off your bike, if you are also over teen and you bike on the footpath that is illegal.

Before you hop on your bike do a safety check. So when you are checking it turn it over and you will see your serial number. Write it down just incase it gets stolen and the police can track it down. You also need to check every part of you bike because something might be loose or broken. Make sure you check your brakes are good because if you are going down a hill you won’t be able to  stop. Make sure you have oiled your chain because it will just rust and will be weak then eventually break.

So if you are ever planning to go on a biking adventure make sure you have a helmet and you have oiled your chain. Also, the answer to that question is yes, bike riders  do need to follow the road signs.

Monday, November 4, 2013



You need!
1 hair dryer, 2 ping pong balls


We used the tools and the question was can a hair dryer balance 1 ping pong ball and it can because the gravity was trying to push it down but the hair dryer had enough strength to push it up and stay. When we tried to use 2 they keep hitting each other and one fell of.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Write an explanation that explains clearly to the reader

include title and intro that states your topic and maybe asks a question

include a summary statement that links with the introf

Write the body of the text in order using some of the key words - Suggest the sequence of the experiment  clearly - firstly, after that finally.

Include some topic-specific science vocab

Show how the process happens by using continuous present tense?  This will mean using lots of ‘is’ and ‘are’


What happens when air is heated? Well I can tell you that. Miss Roil told us to make a prediction and we did and I will tell you the answer but not yet. In my paragraphs I will have What you need, What you do, Particles and conclusion.

You will need 2 coke bottle two balloons 1 bucket of hot water and 1 bucket of cold water. You put the balloon on top of the bottle so they can be immersed in the water. Then you are all set to put the bottle in.

You hold and place the bottle in the water. If you put it in hot water (but you might get burnt) the particles will move and the balloon will pump up and when to goes in the cold it starts deflating. You can also avoid getting burnt by putting on some decent gloves.

Particles are moving in the  bottle and forcing their way into the balloon.   They do this when they are heated. Without particles we would not have wind.   Wind is made when the air heats up and starts to move.  The bottle that didn’t heat stayed in a state of inertia.  This means it didn’t change.
If you ever want to do this make sure you have everything you need and have some gloves. Oh and by the way the answer to the question is that the particles in it start to move and it expands.

Art Reflection

What I have learnt?
I have learnt how to blend the colours,
shade and how to use charcoal.

What has Improved?
I have improved on my blending
every time I did it too late and now I
do it on time.

I am proud of?
I have improved on mixing the
colours because I never knew the
right colours to mix and know my art
looks good and stands out.
What did I enjoy?
Painting because when you
try it looks really cool and you
feel great.

Writing Reflection

What I have learnt?
I have learnt when to do are paragraphs and use
are punctuation at the right time.

What has Improved?
I have improved on putting the action verbs
in the right place and starting with a action

What am I proud of?
I am proud of finishing them because that
is when you round it all up also it sounds
not that bad.

What I have enjoyed?
I have enjoyed doing writing because
everything I have learnt I have put it
in my stories and it makes it better

Friday, October 18, 2013


On Monday we got a box and a piece of wood we tested our Flexibility. Last week on Friday I got positive 5 and to day I got positive 8 and that is better. The main Muscles we are trying to do is our ham strings, Lower  back, Calf and Arms. We did a positive side and a negative side that is 30 cm big. I think that I can make a change in my Flexibility if I keep doing my stretches that we are doing and I should improve each time we do it.

Positive 5



Positive 8