Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coke Bottle experamint

Can you inflate a balloon inside a coke bottle? We did an experiment to find out.

I think that it will work because when there is a hoil (If there is) all the air will come out and the balloon will have enough air to move.

What to use
  • 2 liter Coke bottles
  • Balloon
  • scissors

Liam did a demo version of how it would work. We had a go at blowing up the coke bottle with no hole and it didn’t work. I got to have a turn and it was really hard and my cheeks turned red. When you have a hole the size of a pin you can blow it up and when you take it out the balloon should stay pumped up because when you put the hole in all the chemicals and the air will come out then there is enough room for it to blow up the balloon a quarter up. With the little one it is the exact same as the big one when you put the hole in. With the big one and it has no hole  it will shrink in lease then a second.

So when you do it make sure you have a hole in the bottle and the balloon is pumped up and you seal it.

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