Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Holiday story

‘RING’ ‘RING’ ‘RING!’ The alarm went off it was 10: 00 in the morning I was wide awake. Me and my freinds and my Dad all got our gear for the big journey.It is a big walk and I think it is worth it. We all set of and it was a beautiful view from the ground. When we got to are paua spot the sea was as flat as a pancake. We got in our wet suits and jumped it the water with a knife. We all got a paua and a feed. We also got some crayfish at waist deep water that day. I was so happy because I got my first crayfish with my own bare hands! I pulled it up and I said haray haray! I got my crayfish I was so proud. I put it in the sack and I got 1 more paua in a few minutes. We got out of the water and we counted the paua. We had 33 paua together between six people. We went back into the water and we went towards are crayfish rock and we go 3 crayfish. We came back and in land and we set off to go home.

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  1. wow Daniel looks like you had a fun Holiday :)